Mt. Rose

Comments: Perhaps this is the best of the strenuous hikes when it comes to  flowers.  There are many different flowers and an especially great view of alpine varieties as Mount Rose has a true alpine environment at 10,700 feet of elevation. When you view the rocky summit, there is no expectation of any color.  But look what you find upon closer examination (see the sampler below)!

The hike itself is not very taxing for the first 4 miles.  However, the last two require a lot of both energy and breath.  Fortunately there are all those alpine flowers to stop and admire.  The view on top is fabulous.  Some days Mount Lassen, which is 90 miles north, is visible…an awesome sight.mt-rose

Directions: Take Mount Rose Highway (431)  from Incline Village towards Reno. Be alert immediately after seeing the Tahoe Meadow parking area on the south side (right) of the highway if you are coming from Incline Village.  A little further up the mountain  is a new paved parking lot on you left with restrooms called "Mount Rose Summit".  This is also the trail head. If you are coming from Reno, you cannot miss the summit since the twists and turns keep you wide awake!  Of course, the parking lot is on your right.