Marlette Lake

Comments:  This is one of the few good wildflowers hikes on the east side of Lake Tahoe. The hike begins at Spooner Lake and is a steady march up (till the last half mile) to Marlette lake.  The round trip is 9 miles.  There are now two trails up for most of the hike.  The newer one was crafted to get people off of the original road/trail and out of the way of the many bikes headed for the famed Flume Bike Trail.  Unfortunately the best flower viewing is from the original trail.  So be alert to dodge some bikes now and then.  There is also a trail around Spooner Lake which is a fun one and an half mile stroll if you desire an easy walk. There are many flowers along the way and this is a good hike throughout the flower season.  Marlette Lake is one of the few places to enjoy the Hikers Gentian pictured below.Hikers-Gentian-6

Directions: This trail is conveniently located in the Nevada State Park at Spooner Lake.  The entry to the Park is located on Route 28 a mile north of its intersection with Route 50.  There is an entry fee.