Castle Peak

Comments: While all the trails in this area can be a little confusing, there is no doubt this is a great place to explore and enjoy the flowers.  When you take the "east" trail you only get to see Castle Peak from a distance.  But along the way is a wonderful open space with a large vernal pool where you see the Plagiobothrys - a big name for a very tiny flower (below). Take the "west" trail and go directly to the top of Castle Peak.  Either way, there are great views and flowers.

Directions:  Trailhead parking is just off Route 80 about 15 minutes west of Truckee.  Exit at the Boreal ramp and turn north driving a very short distance until the road turns to dirt.  Parking is immediately on your right or along the road.  There are several trails, both well kept and informal.  To do the "east" trail follow the informal trail eastward paralleling Route 80 until you come to a marked trail intersection.  Follow the marked trail towards Warren Lake. You will not go directly to the Castle Peak so just turn around when you want. There can be a bit of confusion staying on the right trail.  It is best to try this with someone who has been there before. The west trail takes you  up to Castle Peak.  You follow the dirt road where you parked till you see a meadow on the right.  Cross it and follow the trail up to Castle Peak.